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Gluten Free Quinoa Pancakes!

Gluten Free Quinoa Pancakes

Breakfast for dinner- love it!

Using left over Quinoa we made  wonderful gluten free pancakes and served it with a little butter.  We tried all kinds of condiments on top, sour cream, syrup, apple sauce and even mustard as a nod to some German relatives and their love of potato pancakes 🙂

Definitely will have these again!


How did it all start?- What’s for dinner?

What's for dinner


In 1985 I moved from my small Midwest hometown to a large metropolitan city to be a Nanny.  One of my responsibilities was  preparing nightly meals.  No problem I thought, I had always been comfortable in the kitchen, with so many family memories having been made there and so many fabulous meals having been prepared and eaten there.  So I started making what I knew.  After the first two weeks I had run through my Midwestern repertoire and it was time to step it up.

I made a trip to the library and was amazed by the number of cookbooks on the shelves.  I was hooked.  I took home an armful of the most interesting and poured over them, making notes, planning meals and imagining.  I couldn’t get enough of those first cookbooks.  I kept exploring, making notes as I prepared each meal, experimenting with ingredients and food pairings.  Dinners became much more inspired.

Many years and shared meals later, I was standing in my kitchen and thinking about what to make for dinner one evening for my own family of five, and it occurred to me that the exact scene was being replayed all over the world.  Someone trying to figure out what to make for a meal, whether a special event or just Thursday’s dinner.  Things have changed since ’85, and living and eating healthy is our main focus, but still figuring out what to make hasn’t changed at all.

Many nights I have stared at the cupboard trying to plan a nutritious and wonderful meal that I my kids and husband would enjoy only to come up blank and resort to an old stand by.  You do not need to!  Sharing these muses and food ideas with you, on our journey to living more healthy (and stress free) lives, will help you decide the answer to the most asked question of all – what’s for dinner.