The Clean Program

Last year a friend asked me to prepare some meals for her.  She had just started a new business and her schedule was very full.  The book she wanted me to use for recipes was Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself by Dr. Junger.  We had already been eating gluten free for over a year so the recipes were not shocking.  As my husband read beyond the recipes he could appreciate the philosophy and decided that we needed to give it a try! That was fine with me- he did the reading and I did the cooking.  We are a great team! The first two days were difficult, but not even close to impossible.  As we added days to the program it became easier and we began to feel better and lighter and more “clean”.  That was seven month ago.  I still enjoy my morning smoothie and no longer need coffee to make it through to lunch.  I have lost over 25 pounds and it was easy and I feel so much more healthy.  Through the elimination diet I discovered that soy and dairy don’t work for my body, but that is okay, there are so many other foods out there that support my body and make me feel like I am supposed to feel- clean!

2 Responses to The Clean Program

  1. Lucas says:

    Huge follower of this site, a great deal of your articles have seriously helped me out. Awaiting upgrades!

  2. Tess State says:

    I love this web page. It helps make the switch to “GF” a breeze.

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